[GSoC 2019] WEEK 1!

Hello everyone! Here comes the end of the first coding week. This blog is dedicated to present the progress that I have had during the past week.

  • PRs

This week the PR about ArrayComprehension is merged. #16845. This class is designed as an extension of list comprehension in Python, which enables the list comprehension with symbolic dimensions.

A new PR #16937 about the sparse array being cast to dense array in the case of derive_by_array is opened. But somes improvements are still needed. The challenge is to find an approriate method to override and perform a derivative correctly.

  • Issues

An issue #16911 is opened. It is in fact a discussion about implementing a NumPy-Like behavior in Array module. It is interesting because my mentor was, at first, not in favor of this implementation. But some differences of behavior between the Array module in SymPy and the one in NumPy did change his mind. So this implementation can be kept in my proposal and will be my tasks for the next phase.

Another issue #16941 whose aim is to list out all cases where a sparse array is cast to dense arrays is opened this week. Not only as a discussion, this issue would also be a overview of the problems so that the PRs like #16937 can refer to it. A checklist is being updated to show the avancement.

Please feel free to comment on the issues or the PRs that I opened. I would love to listen to your opinions.

  • Reviews

After the merge of ArrayComprehension, another student Gagandeep Singh opened a new PR to ameliorate the code quality of this class. I have also participated as a reviewer to offer some help. I have also leant a lot from the discussion.

  • Related works

Not much, due to the burden of projects in college.

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