[GSoC 2019] WEEK 3!

Hello, the third week ends! I am a little bit too busy to keep contributing on my GSoC project as the first two weeks. Fortunately, thank to the work of the past 2 weeks and the help of my mentors, I become more productive which compensates, more or less, the lack of time.

  • Overview

The task about sparse arrays nearly comes to an end which is the main goal for the first phase. I still have one case to be fixed but most of them are merged in to Sympy’s master and are ready to be used. I started as well preparing for the next task: implementing more data structure for sparse arrays. This would be started in the next week and is supposed to be ended by the begining of phase 2.

  • PRs

Several PR are merged this week for sparse arrays operations. #16937 is finally merged with a code style much simpler than its first version. #16994 about __mul__ and __rmul__ is closed and replaced by #17014 due to a mistake about rebase. #17026 about __div__ and __neg__ operators for sparse arrays is opened and merged. #17035 about permutedims and transpose for sparse arrays is opened and reviewed by my mentor.

  • Issues

No specific issue opened. The list in #16941 is continously being updated.

  • Reviews

No review due to the lack of time.

  • Related works

Pratice of rebasing and merging for a specific case: updated local repository from the upstream master after opening a PR. Even though I have broken the PR #16994, I am still happy to learn some new tricks that I didn’t know before.

Preparing a blog about presenting sparse array associated with my work in SymPy so that my contribution can indeed help people when they need to use this class but don’t really know how to do it and what the advantage would be .

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