[GSoC 2019] Week 8!

This is the week of second evaluation.

I have been working on a new issue, which is about modifying the behavior of Array module to follow the example of NumPy. As I discussed with my mentor at the very beginning of the project, the Array module is newly created and has fewer users at present, so it is still possible to standardize the behaviour of this module. Following a mature library such as NumPy will be a good idea because it would not only increase the consistency between Python’s libraries but also increase the efficiency of code in many cases.

The first step is modifying __getitem__ this function. What we had before is to access the value with a absolute index in the flatten array, while the standard in NumPy is that a index that is not complete will be added slice of `:` to extract all available values.

In order to do so, an new PR is opened and merged: #17226