How to check the status of the battery in your laptop? (Applicable for Windows environment)

Are you worried about the current status of your battery in your laptop? Does the battery life seem to be shorter and shorter? How to know what is going on with the battery? If you have all these questions as I recently do, then there is a quick answer!

In Windows environment, there is buil-in command to evaluate the status of the battery. The command will generate a report about the basic information of the battery(manifacturer, serial number, chemistry, etc.), the current capacity compared with the designed capacity of the battery, the recent usage and so on. This would allow you to have a glimpse about the health of your battery.


How to check the status of the battery in the laptop?


Open a CMD(Command Prompt). You can either search for CMD in the search panel of Windows10, or use Win+X, and selecct Windows PowerShell(Administrator).

Run the following command:

 powercfg /batteryreport

This command will generate a report about the battery status. Then you can see a returned message telling you the path to the saved report.

The path to the html file

Find this HTML file using the path above and double click it, which will trigger a new page on your default explorer.


Let’s have a look at the report:

The most important part is the desinged capacity and the full charge capacity. The former is the initial capacity of the battery and the latter is its current status. Mine, for instance, has dropped for more that 25%. I think that explains why the battery life becomes much shorter than before! It is a good sign that I should change the battery, or maybe, change the laptop!

After that, there are recent usage report, battery usage report and usage history. That the log of your usage and the prove of whether your treat your laptop gentally.