[GSoC2020] proposal accepted! (Updated)

Update 04/05/2020:

I got accepted! What a wonderful day!

Frankly, it is an ideal project for me! An interesting topic, two very good mentors from a prestigious university, the stipend from the project, everything is just perfect!!!!!


Previous post:

This year I am applying to a very interesting project: Hand gesture detection and recognition in new videos with Red Hen Lab. The description of the project is here.

At first, I was not planning to participate in the GSoC, since most of the projects are programming-based. I would prefer something research-oriented. One week before the application deadline, I found this project. I am afraid that there was too little time for me to get familiar with the project, or even with the mentors. I spent the last week preparing the proposal. I hope that my tardy arrival won’t cause a bad first impression on the mentors.

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